Effective Writing Skills – BlueMoon Outsourcing & Consulting


Effective Writing Skills – BlueMoon Outsourcing & Consulting


Effective Writing Skills- BlueMoon Outsourcing
Effective Writing Skills- BlueMoon Outsourcing

Every day, I validate the importance of writing skills to any business entity or organization. I classify it amongst the most important skills in any organization, as I have come to realize some form of writing must be done to unblock any source of funds. And most often, because this writing cannot be done as fast as it should be, the acquisition of these funds is delayed.
To unblock funds, organizations often have to prepare documents like bids, tenders, project proposals, sales proposals, terms of reference, contracts, MOUs, grants, etc. Unfortunately, owner/managers often find it difficult to find any staff they could delegate this to as it is rare to find persons who possess such skills. This frequently results in delays in unblocking funds for the organization and frustration for donors/clients who are perplexed as to why the organization is taking so long to prepare a simple document and receive their money.
Though the speaking of good English seems to be getting better as the generations go down, the ability to write good English is on the decline. I can’t point a finger to where things went wrong with our education system, but I will tell you for a fact that the young people are speaking better English but are terrible at writing compared to their parents.
Working with hundreds of businesses and organizations, I confirm the excess shortage of people who possess good writing skills.
In this light, BlueMOON is creating a learning group and service team for interested persons.
If you are interested in learning effective writing skills, please click on the link below. You will also be joining a team of freelancers, thus earning significant income from the skills you learn. You must be ready to give a significant level of commitment to acquiring the necessary skills and serving.
Join the study group.

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