5 Reasons Companies Choose To Invest In Cameroon


5 Reasons Companies Choose To Invest In Cameroon



Why an International Company Should Invest in Cameroon?

Over the last 20 years, Cameroon has attracted a plethora of investors from all works of life. Here are 4 reasons People choose to put their money in Cameroon

  • Bilingual Labour Force

Cameroon is a bilingual country, with a high percent of her citizens able to express themselves in both French and English. Adding to this is the fact that the majority of the population comprises of an active young labor force. The median age of Cameroon is 18 years.

The affordable bilingual labor of the Cameroonian business environment is a great pull factor. Most of the active population are capable of expressing themselves properly in English and French. As such, it is easy for  companies investing in Cameroon to expand their reach to other African countries in the West and Central Africa. This is cumulative on the fact that the labor in Cameroon is relatively cheaper to that in the Middle East and Europe. As such, there is a reduced operation cost for  companies outsourcing their businesses in Cameroon.

  • Educated and trained Labour Force

Cameroon is rated among the most literate countries in Cameroon. The availability of already trained employees and personnel in the country provides a soft landing for any company willing to expand its activities into the country. Thus, investing here will provide the pathway for a smooth transition to working in Cameroon since the operations are already set and processes are running.

  • Excellent time zone

Cameroon’s time falls within the GMT+1 time zone which aligns with majority of Europe. This enables a sync in the working hours between the country and major countries within Europe. This makes communication easier, ensuring thus maximum productivity for business operations in Cameroon

  • Gateway to the CEMAC Market

Cameroon is the access point to the 150 million CEMAC market. She is the natural leader of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC) through its economic potential, its strategic position at the center of the sub region and its demographic weight. Cameroon alone accounts for 52% of CEMAC’s GDP and a little bit over 55% of the total population. As such, she links to all the countries in the CEMAC region and access to all their markets.

Are you an investor trying to setup in Cameroon, and don’t where to start? We are here to help you. BlueMoon has the business blueprint of Cameroon. We will handle all the setup operation, giving you room for more productivity. Just get to us

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