How To Register a Company in Cameroon


How To Register a Company in Cameroon


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Do you have plans of starting a business in Cameroon or are you running an unregistered business?

Starting a business in Cameroon is a promising option as there are many sectors to invest in. However, the process to register a company in Cameroon is usually tedious and time-consuming requiring more documentation than any other business structure like enterprise, partnership, or NGOs.

Furthermore, once you’ve decided upon the right structure for your business, the registration process could last for many weeks. Someone who masters the knowledge and process of company registration must be available to follow up closely.

The OHADA law governs commercial companies in Cameroon (Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa) and profit-making organizations in Cameroon. Consequently, the OHADA uniform act provides rules and regulations for limited liability and unlimited liability companies. Therefore, it provides a transparent and plain playing field for commercial companies to operate following some set for well-defined rules.

In addition, As most companies have many employees, it is also essential to register with the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS) and the Labour Office.

Documents Required  For Company Registration in Cameroon.

  • The company’s name (private or public) limited company
  • Acronym, sign or commercial name where applicable
  • The objective of the company
  • Copy of shareholder (s) national identity card, passport, or residence permit for foreigner and birth certificate for the minor.
  • Non-conviction or non-crime certificate
  • Company start-up share capital
  • Company head office address(addresses of branches if applicable)
  • The declaration of regularity and conformity or notarial statement of subscription and payment.
  • Memorandum & Article of Association of the company
  • Declaration of regularity and OHADA conformity
  • The certified list of managers, directors, officers, or associates having the power to bind the company or corporation.
  • Prior authorization to exercise the activity of the manager of the company, if applicable.
  • Location & localization sketch of business premises

Documents Delivered upon Completion

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Certificate of business registration
  • Article /memorandum of association duly stamp
  • Notarize statement of subscription
  • Taxpayers card

We hope you successfully register your company and start operations as soon as possible. In Case of any difficulty in the process, you can contact BlueMoon Outsourcing to help you do the process or ask us any questions about the challenges you are facing.


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