Virtual Admins

Away from work? BlueMOON has Virtual Admins to keep things going well for you


Virtual Assistance will get your time back. We have highly skilled virtual assistance is extremely professional. High-quality work done quick and correct is our goal.  A Virtual assistance can be super-fast, leaving you time to concentrate on what you do best in business.

The Virtual Assistance  could assist in:


  • Formatting reports, typing documents from audio recordings and creating template forms
  • Holding a comprehensive database or spreadsheet of contacts specifically for your business
  • Booking appointments and keeping a diary
  • Creating invoices and chasing payments
  • Sending out emails and letters and following them up with a phone call
  • Internet research specific to your industry, competitors and new target markets
  • Creating a newsletter using Constant Contact or Mail Chimp
  • Creating content for blogs, profiles for LinkedIn, Facebook and tweets for Twitter

Where is BlueMOON Outsourcing & Consultancy Located?

BlueMOON Outsourcing & Consultancy has it’s main office atTop Left Floor First Trust Building, Great Soppo, Buea South West Region, Cameroon

Does BlueMOON Outsourcing & Consultancy have other business Locations?

BlueMOON Outsourcing & Consultancy has another business  Location in Douala, Cameroon

I need a website, SEO and Digital Marketing all together. Can BlueMOON Outsourcing & Consultancy handle this?

Yes we have a team of technical experts dedicated to website building, SEO and Digital Marketing to help businesses of any size.

What is the minimum time I can expect a change in my business after choosing BlueMOON Outsourcing & Consultancy?

Within 90 days, you can expect us to revolutionize your business. 

Does BlueMOON handle operations outside of its office?

Yes we do handle operations outside the office depending on the need of the customer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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